Symphony Bangladesh Unveils Budget Friendly Monster Z60 Plus

Symphony Bangladesh Unveils Budget Friendly Monster Z60 Plus

Introducing with enthusiasm, the latest entrant to the Symphony smartphone family - the Symphony Z60 Plus. Valued at ৳11,990, this device is now accessible in a spectrum of reflective blue and metallic silver shades. Recent times have witnessed an array of commendable releases from Symphony Mobile Bangladesh, and the Z60 Plus seamlessly extends this impressive trend. The introduction of the Z60 Plus introduces an enhanced layer of refinement.

When the subject is the Symphony brand, consumers invariably seek the zenith of value within the confines of an affordable price point. It is with utmost confidence that we declare Symphony's unwavering commitment to excellence in this new offering. The device's exterior aesthetic is remarkable, particularly when one considers its economical price tag. Noteworthy features include a center punch-hole front camera design paired with a premium glass back panel.

An aspect to consider is the glass back's propensity to accumulate fingerprints, though this concern is preemptively addressed by the inclusion of a protective case within the packaging. Furthermore, the rear design is marked by an understated elegance, bolstered by a slim profile measuring a mere 8.65 millimeters. The expansive display measures a notable 6.6 inches, boasting an HD+ IPS configuration enhanced by a 90Hz refresh rate. This amalgamation of size and refresh rate introduces significant merits to the device.

Illumination is striking, registering a luminosity of 480 nits—a commendable attribute that ensures optimal indoor visibility and a satisfactory outdoor viewing experience. The device draws power from a capacious 5000 mAh battery, facilitated by a rapid 18W charger. This pairing equates to a full charge cycle spanning from 0 to 100% within the confines of a reasonable two-hour interval. Notably, the first 60% can be replenished in a mere 45 minutes, as per Symphony's claims.

This confluence of swift charging and ample battery capacity renders any concerns surrounding the device's capability to power its expansive display obsolete. Transitioning our attention to the rear camera setup, a primary 50 MP f/1.8 aperture lens assumes prominence. This component performs admirably in well-lit conditions, capturing vivid shots underscored by accurate color rendering and precise focus. While nocturnal photography falls short of optimal, its performance remains more than adequate.

The availability of an additional night-mode setting serves as an enhancement to low-light photography. Concomitantly, a 2 MP secondary camera, functioning as a depth sensor, contributes to the device's bokeh functionality. The front-facing 8 MP camera stands distinguished by its possession of both night mode and HDR capabilities—augmenting its utility and performance. The capacity for both front and rear cameras to record Full HD videos at 1080p resolution is noteworthy, although image stabilization is absent.

Driving the device's performance is the 12 nm Unisoc T616 chipset, complemented by a robust 6 GB built-in RAM. Operating on the Android 12 platform straight out of the box, this configuration is formidable within the context of its budget-friendly pricing at 12K. While the anticipation for Android 13 might be natural, given its recent launch, Android 12 remains contemporary and unlikely to elicit any functionality concerns. It is imperative to acknowledge that the Unisoc T616 chipset is commendable but doesn't rival high-performance counterparts like the MediaTek Helio G80.

However, the device's substantial 6 GB RAM acts as a compensatory factor. During gaming sessions, the device experiences a mild elevation in temperature at the upper central region, although this is far from problematic. Popular games are easily navigated with commendable graphics settings, devoid of lag or performance discrepancies. The 128 GB ROM, an expansion facilitated by uMCP5 technology, outpaces the capabilities of UFS 2.1 and stands comparable to UFS 2.2 or even higher iterations.

In the context of a budget-conscious smartphone, this is an unequivocal hallmark of distinction. In the domain of auxiliary features, the Symphony Z60 Plus boasts a USB Type-C interface, a visually appealing side-mounted fingerprint sensor, dual SIM support, an exclusive MicroSD slot and the inclusion of the "Super Box" speaker for enhanced audio quality. This comprehensive array of attributes coalesces into a resounding endorsement—a recommendation for those in pursuit of an all-encompassing, pocket-friendly solution that stands unexcelled in its realm.

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